La Brôkerie offers a wide range of local beers and delicious cocktails.

Our signature cocktails

Visitez notre bar avec vue sur la mer pour profiter d’un menu luxueux de cocktails avec des ingrédients locaux et des spiritueux de haute qualité. Essayez des classiques comme le Easy Rose et le Caraquet Limonade ou des cocktails uniques élaborés maison, tels que le Mojito Pat Plante et le Mule.

Bloody Fantôme

Ahoy Skallywags! Do you know the story of the Bloody Phantom? The secrets here lie in our secret recipe for the Brôkerie’s homemade caesar! The kick, the refreshing taste of cucumbers and the flavours of Gin Thuya give you La Brôkerie's signature cocktail: the Bloody Fantôme!

Caraquet Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you come to the Brôkerie for a Caraquet lemonade! This cocktail throws a mean citrusy curveball on your typical lemonade. With notes of ginger, peach and orange, it’ll surely wake up your taste buds! Are you a fan of Bourbon? This one’s for you!

Dark & Stormy

This classic cocktail sure knows how to make waves! Spiced rum, ginger and lime all come together to create the perfect storm.

Easy Rose

T’en souviens-tu, Easy Rose? Named after Michel Thériault's hit song, Easy Rose is a cocktail that will sweeten your day. One sip reminds you of the song with the catchy chorus!

Green Beast

Don't be afraid of this cocktail's name! Discover the bold unison of absinthe and lime in this captivating cocktail!


Wastin’ away again in Margaritaville. Searchin’ for my lost shaker of salt. Some people claim that there’s a Brôkerie to blame, but I know, it’s nobody’s fault. Jimmy Buffet can sing away your worries while you sip on an ice cold Margarita. Tequila, Lime, Orange and extra salt, Jimmy!

Mojito Pat Plante

Mint, lime and rum: the perfect trio! Our Mojito will instantly transport you to the South with every sip! Another one, por favor!


Prepare to be moved by our Mule! Gin and ginger: flavors that will explode in your mouth. Nothing like it to spice up your evening!

Québécois en Acadie

POV: you’re on the highway and you pass Matapedia. You see the borders and you just can’t bring yourself to stop. You’ve finally made it. Here enters the Quebecois en Acadie! This cocktail makes a twist on your classic G&T. With a homemade tonic syrup, it’ll remind you about that one summer you spent in the Acadian Peninsula!

Sex on the beach

Close your eyes, imagine the warm sand between your toes and let this cocktail take you to an exotic paradise! Vodka, Peach, Orange and Cranberry. This blend is sure to thrill!


Discover the local beers with an amazing view of the water. Try unique beers and savor a variety of flavors. Enjoy a cold beer while watching the waves and the setting sun. Escape to a local waterfront brasserie and savor a delicious evening.


Bleu Nuit

(Ale) 5.5%

De couleur dorée foncée. Elle est claire et brillante. Tête blanche moyenne avec une rétention passable à bonne. Douceur maltée initiale avec des saveurs de bleuets, mais éventuellement une saveur de malt à caractère léger. Les esters sont faibles. Saveur de houblon légère, mais pas trop agressive. Amertume faible, mais la balance est vers le goût de fruits (bleuet). Finition est un peu sucrée. Pas de diacétyle. Bière artisanale aromatisée aux bleuets facile à boire.


(Blonde) 5.5%

De couleur dorée foncée. Elle est claire et brillante. Tête blanche moyenne avec une rétention passable à bonne. Douceur maltée initiale, mais éventuellement une saveur de malt à caractère léger. Les esters sont faibles (mielleux). Saveur légère de houblon (Fuggles), mais pas trop agressive. Amertume faible, mais la balance est vers le malt. Finition est un peu sucrée. Pas de diacétyle. Bière artisanale facile à boire, accessible et orientée vers le malt.


(Lager) 5%

Couleur dorée et brillante. La tête blanche et mousseuse peut ne pas durer longtemps. Très claire. Saveur franche et sèche avec de faibles niveaux de douceur maltée. La saveur du houblon est faible et florale. Amertume du houblon est faible. L’équilibre peut varier de légèrement malté à légèrement amer, mais est relativement proche de l’équilibre. La carbonisation est moyenne. Pas de diacétyle. Pas de fruité. Rafraîchissante et désaltérante, bien que généralement plus riche que les versions standards des lagers commerciales.




A Hazy East Coast IPA that is very refreshing with a balanced bitterness and notes of tropical and citrus fruits. We recommend pairing with fresh lobster and other seafood.


(Pale Ale) 5.5%

A light bodied hoppy American Pale Ale with low bitterness and subtle notes of blueberry and citrus. Try it with fried food or smelts.



A delicious American IPA with just enough bitterness. It has notes of grapefruit and pine. It goes really well with red meat and hamburgers.


(Ale) 5%

A very refreshing light bodied blonde ale. Super easy to drink and accessible! So delicious with fish and chips.

Méduse Dry Hopped

(Sour) 5.5%

A very refreshing sour that combines a sour base with lots of hop aromatics with notes of citrus and stonefruit. Perfect on the beach on a hot summer day or to drink at the camp fire with roasted marshmallows.

Loup de Mer Dry Stout

A classic dry stout with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. We recommend to pair with old cheese or with a molten dark chocolate cake. This beer is also excellent for cooking, try it in a spicy chili or in a comforting stew.

Méduse Aux Bleuets

Our sour beer with loads of local wild blueberries from Ferme PMG Légère in Caraquet.


Baie sur l’amer

(Sour) 4.3%

Distinct upfront raspberry balanced with a sharp but not overpowering tartness, undertones of biscuit from the malt filling out the flavour. Medium carbonation and a light body, with a slight lingering acidy on the finish.

Léger Corner Honey Blonde Ale

Sweet and floral flavour from the honey blend into this malt forward beer, traces of earthy and herbal notes from the hops help to balance its bright sweetness. It finishes clean with a slight but not overpowering taste of honey.

Runway 11

(Lager) 4.3%

Runway 11 is a take on the Standard Light American Lager. Brewed with both pale malt and rice to keep the taste light and refreshing. Hopped just enough to balance out the malt sweetness and bring out subtle floral and spicy notes in the flavour and aroma.

East Coast Pirate

(IPA) 6.5%

Une IPA classique de la côte Ouest brassée avec une bonne dose de houblon du NB. Fidèle au style occidental, elle offre une amertume franche mais agréable, avec de nombreux arômes de pin et d’agrumes mélangés à des notes de poivre et d’épices qui s’attardent en une finale sèche sur la langue.



(Irish Stout) 4.1%

Classified as a dark irish stout, murphy’s is dark in color and medium-bodied. It is silky smooth with toffee and coffee undertones, almost no bitterness and a irresistible, creamy finish.


Primavera Light Beer

A light bodied beer, hints of barley and wheat accompaied by passionfruit and mango. Drinks dry and crips.

Tall tales


Crisp, malty – copper in color. Aroma has hints of spice and orange bouquet.

Rendez-Vous Rouge

(Rousse) 5.5%

Amber Ale. Gentle sweetness paired with a mild, spicy hop flavour.

Dog Daze

(New England IPA) 6%

Light bodied very pale and hazy with a creamy white head. Malt sweetness with a notable hop bitterness with a pineapple, melon and stone fruit aroma.

Wild Goose Stout

Smooth and rich, toasty, hints of chocolate, fruit and creamy head.


Hans Radler


Chill, crisp, citrusy, a playful hint of Hans, uh- I mean, zest. Aromas of sweet grapefruit and lemonade.



(Black IPA) 6.5%

Behold, our version of the ultra-modern elusive Black IPA. One of the first of its kind to be produced in the province, Rockbolter pours opaque black with a thick, tan head. Dark roasted malts impart notes of coffee, dark chocolate, toffee, and pumpernickel. These bold malt flavours are intensified by a heavy hand with Cascade and Mosaic hops, which give this strong brew an unexpectedly bright aroma of citrus!

Havre St-Pierre

(Rousse) 5%

Introducing our old faithful, our flagship brew – HSP. This sophisticated amber ale is produced with four different malts, and flows a deep, rich copper colour with a creamy, lasting head. Its full-bodied flavour is highlighted with notes of roasted nuts, dark caramel, toasted bread, and dried fruit. Cascade, a quintessential American hop, imparts a light citrus aroma to complement the malty qualities of this easy-drinking ale.


A world of fun and excitement with our unique and stimulating cocktails for the senses.

Come visit us at 39 Avenue du Carrefour à Caraquet and let yourself be tempted by the magic of our drinks, prepared with love and know-how to impress the most demanding of palates.